We at Ubhayoday manufacture and supply technically advanced, High Quality Valves for critical services in Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemicals, Fertilizers, Power Generation and many other Industrial Applications.

Our Instrumentation Valves, Manifolds are offered in various materials of your choice, incorporating a wide range of process connections. We guarantee prompt delivery along with full conformation to relevant standard specifications for highest quality of products.

Ball Valves    

Ball Valves are mostly widely used in Control Panels, Instruments and Process Plants, Laboratories and Power Plants.

The main advantages of Ball Valves are ...
Ball Valves give full flow in open position.
No throttling or pressure drop across the valve.
Useful even for high density fluid.
Contaminated particles do not affect the flow.
Full flow at ¼” turn.
Full Material traceability.
Highest Level of Leak Free Integrity.
Ball Valves are divided into further divided into two categories namely
Instrument Ball Valve and Process Ball Valve.

Ball Valve 1

Ball Valve 2

Ball Valve 3




Ball Valve 4    
Needle Valves    

Needle Valves have been designed to give higher strength and integrity to instrument needle valves. UI have incorporated a dynamic multi-ring gland system in the needle valve, which when combined with the anti blow-out back seating stem, guarantees resistance to all operating Processes and pressures. Low operating torques and high cycle life feature strongly in this unique UI design, giving a "Low Cost of Ownership".

Key Benefits are:

  • Guaranteed Sealing with the minimum effort
  • Over designed high strength adaptor threads combine with
  • soft parent metal bottom seal to give closure thread protection
  • And ensures environmental safety
  • Gland and stem leakage is a thing of the past due to the
  • Dynamic multi-ring gland system, combined with the anti
  • Blow-out back seating system
  • Swaged self centering non-rotating Duplex stem ensures
  • Point positive seat closure under all conditions
Needle Valve 1 Needle Valve 2 Needle Valve 3
Needle Valve 4 Needle Valve 5 Needle Valve 6

Needle Valve 7

Needle Valve 8

Needle Valve 9



Needle Valve 10

Needle Valve 11


Mainfold Valves    

Manifold Valves are mainly used in gauge and static instrument applications such as Pressure switches, Pressure Transmitters and Manometers. The Manifold will isolate instrumentation from the process and allow venting of instrument from calibration, removal from the circuit without affecting the process/application and or recovery of sample.
There are different types of Manifold Valves according to specific requirements of Process and Pressure applications.
#Two Way Manifold Valves
#Three Way Manifold Valves
#Five Way Manifold Valves.

Two Way, Three Way and Five Way are coupled with bubble tight shut-off and low torque operation.

Manifold Valves 1

Manifold Valves 2

Manifold Valves 3


Manifold Valves 4

Manifold Valves 5

Manifold Valves 6


Manifold Valves 7

Manifold Valves 8

Manifold Valves 9


Manifold Valves 10

Manifold Valves 11

Manifold Valves 12


Manifold Valves 13

Manifold Valves 14

Manifold Valves 15

Check Valves    

Check Valves or Non Return Valves as called are used in all types of Gas or Liquid Service where unidirectional flow is required.
Check Valves are designed with Large Orifice for maximum flow and low pressure drop. These provide reliable operation of gases or liquids for set pressure up to 3000 PSI with various Grades and End Connections.

Non Return Valve 1

Non Return Valve 2

Non Return Valve 3